John-Koop-Harder-websiteI specialize in consulting and training for service providers on a wide range of “helping” topics.  I have designed over 10 courses, grounded in my decades of practice as a therapist.

I also offer trainings for the workplace, with an emphasis on equipping healthy and resilient workplaces.

All trainings are tailored to meet the specific needs and learning objectives of each group.

Some of the most common topics I train and consult on include:

IMG_1199Understanding Trauma
Motivating Change
Mental Health and Wellness
Motivational Interviewing
Deescalating Violence

Sexual Abuse and Violence
Family Violence
Grief and Loss
Risk Assessment
Crisis Intervention
Critical Incident Debriefing

Click here for information on upcoming public trainings and live stream events I am delivering through the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute.