About John Koop Harder

Overcoming the hardships and aftermath of the pandemic continues to cause stress and chaos for many people.
Please reach out if find yourself struggling.  Getting support is a sign of strength.
Click here for a list of crisis and mental health resources in Manitoba.

I also offer online and telephone counselling services in addition to in-person sessions.

About me:

I have been working as a trauma therapist since 2001.  During the last decade and a half, my focus has included working with children, youth and families.


I also have a Masters of Social Work (clinical focus) from the University of Manitoba and am a Registered Social Worker.

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My clinical interest in trauma and crisis recovery has grown out of my work with sexual abuse survivors and my experiences living/working internationally in civil war/post-war contexts (in Bogota, Colombia; the Balkans – Tirana, Albania; and Belfast, Northern Ireland).  I also have a lot of experience working with and learning from Indigenous communities in Canada’s North.  Much of my learning about the dynamics of intergenerational trauma has been informed by my experiences in these contexts.

In addition to my active therapy practice and full training schedule, I am thrilled to be working with the counselling staff at Rainbow Resource Centre as their Clinical Supervisor.
Cycling Profile
When I’m not working, I can be found running around with my two boys, cycling, reading, cooking, listening to music or playing classical guitar.